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Pura Eco-Retreat

The Pura eco-retreats sublimely sits amid UAE's two most celebrated destinations- Jebel Hafit and Jubail Island. These nature-based escapes are a wanderer's home, a photographer's delight, and a globe-trotter's abode by inspiring awe and evoking wonder. With myriad activities, a plethora of experiences and classic gastronomy, these retreats take glamping to a whole new level.

GET ( Intimate ) WITH NATURE

Jebel Hafit Desert Park

Amid the timeless golden dunes, gritty, grainy sands, and spiritual desert-scape of Abu Dhabi lies the mountainous range of Jebel HafIt, a place that summons adventurers, explorers, trekkers, and venturers. Ideal for those smitten in wanderlust, the Pura eco-retreat in Jebel Hafit is a jewel nestled amidst the vast mountain range. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, the desert retreat features rustic tents, spherical domes and orbicular bubbles.

Occupying a nine-kilometer stretch at the base of the craggy Jebel Hafit mountain, Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak, visitors can explore the family-friendly park’s majestic natural surroundings on a hike, mountain bike, horse or camel and discover fascinating archaeological and historical remains that tell enchanting stories of this unique area’s ancient habitation. Archaeological remains include remnants of the Neolithic period from 8,000 years ago, to the 5,000-year-old Jebel Hafit Tombs excavated in 1959 at the request of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates


Just 20-minutes drive from the city center, this secluded and laid-back retreat is all about slow living amidst the hustle of an urban lifestyle.

The Marvel of Al-Ain

Al-Ain is the cultural centre and the eastern region of Abu Dhabi, also known as the Garden City, as it possesses numerous palm groves and natural springs. This sanctuary holds great cultural significance in the UAE, with verdant landscapes and several oases.

Jebel Hafit Desert Park is a historical destination and a majestic site rich in nature and rugged landscape in Al-Ain. The views are impressive and breathtaking from every corner. In addition, UNESCO recognised Jebel Hafit Desert Park as a World Heritage Site of Al Ain in 2011. The park preserves the area’s rich history and unique biodiversity.